SMARTgirl under the Flagship Project​

SMARTgirl under the Flagship project began implementation in 2013-2017, complete with a package of B-CoPCT strategies to link prevention to care and treatment following the HIV/AIDS cascade program. SMARTgirl is a well-recognized branded, rights-based, holistic sexual health and HIV program. SMARTgirl has a positive, non-stigmatizing and friendly tone (the SMARTgirl brand) that runs through all messaging, materials and interventions. Through SMARTgirl, it is anticipated that FEWs and their sexual partner(s) will have improved health status and reduced HIV and STI transmission.

The Flagship Initiative aims to advance HIV programming through its design to lead innovative and cost-effective solutions that will make an impact at scale. Through partnership with national community organizations to strengthen and sustain the national HIV response, the country continues strives to reach Cambodia 3.0.

SMARTgirl Report 2013-2017
SMARTgirl Report 2018
SMARTgirl Report 2019
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